Watch Message Originated Movie of Amala Paul Aame at Aha OTT

Watch Message Originated Movie of Amala Paul Aame at Aha OTT

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Here comes a suspense drama,Aame of Amala Paul, a south Indian film actress with a bold character. Add Aame Telugu movie to your weekend watchlist. Watch South Indian movies online today!

The movie is one of its kind of Intense drama.Amala Paul has nailed her character in the movie and showed how gutsy she is with accepting this role in Aame. This movie has an amazing screen and extraordinary visuals, which is a true treat to a movie goer.

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Genre : Drama

Duration :142 min

Language :Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

A cast of the Aame movie

Stars: Amala Paul

Director: Rathna Kumar

Producer: Viji Subramanian, RambabuKalluri, Vijay Moraveneni

Music Director: V. Pradeep Kumar

The movie begins with an ancient historical story of 200 yrs ago. Nangeli who sacrificed her life for the freedom of women’s dress. Freedom of rights or women empowerment which has come from many sacrifices of great ancient women.

The actual story begins here, Kamini (Amala Paul) works for #tag media, runs a prank show. Kamini, with her daring and dashing characters, scares people with her pranks show ‘topitopi’. Kamini’s mother always wanted to see her daughter as traditional, but she was very bold. She bets in numerous,and she does what she wants, with her confidence.

#tag company is going to shift on the same day to another building. They were starting a new live telecast in the same building, which was ordered by their boss, who was sentimental to start a first live show in the same building, and suddenly newsreader Jennifer goes missing.

Kamini takes her role and continues the live show, which is a success. The team of ‘topitopi’ and Kamini plans to celebrate Kamini’s birthday in the same old office building. They enjoy boozing all night.

All of a sudden, in the morning, she finds herself naked in an abandoned office building. Things go happily till a day when she happens to be a part of a night party. What happened to her? Is she alone? How did Kamini survive herself? Did she reach home safely?

Reasons to watch Aame movie

  1. Aame message-oriented in the current scenarios for misuse of social media.
  2. The movie starts with freedom of dress, protests, sacrifices, show by the historical character Nagelli fantastically portrayed
  3. Amala Paul had done exceptionally well in a never before bold character and proved she is gutsy by accepting such an intense role.
  4. The background score of the movie is top-notch and turned out to be a major advantage to the movie
  5. Screen play of the movie is amazing and have some splendor visuals credit goes to cinematographer Vijay Karthi
  6. The main theme of the movie, which is survival drama, is the major asset to the movie and the audience engaged. Don’t miss watching this intense bold survival drama Aaame in Aha OTT.

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Aame is a different concept which amalgamates suspense and survival. Amala Paul has to be credited for choosing such a bold character and proves she is a gutsy woman.

Camera work done by Vijay Karthik was really amazing as the movie had some splendid visuals to look after, which is a treat to the audience. The background score of the movie makes the audience get involved.

Every scene in the second half makes the audience sit on the edge of the seat. So don’t miss watching this one of its rare kind of intense drama movie Aaame in Aha OTT…