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Whisper tells the four that they’ve escaped and that not many people do. Outside, they meet a lady who turns out to be a hologram of whisper 120. she tells them that seven folks know the Headmaster is trying to return the college to what it was. At the same time, Cornelius Tower based it: on Suki, Ian, CJ, Gabe, Headmaster, Cornelius Tower, and another person. The argument escalates into a bodily fight till Ian knocks out Headmaster. Ian tells Headmaster he will likely be leaving the school; it doesn’t matter what Headmaster does to cease him. Ian and Suki both arrive to be taught that CJ is the Headmaster’s daughter finally. Ian, CJ, and suki then go to the west campus to rescue Gabe, who is about to be assaulted by The Rooks.

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